“AcuRhythms is such an amazing and unique experience! I found myself in  a meditative state that I’ve never felt before and I left feeling supremely relaxed and refreshed – both physically and mentally. The session incorporated sound healing, acupuncture, massage therapy, and aromatherapy, all administered gently and professionally by some very talented healers. Can’t encourage this enough – definitely give it a try!” ~Evan R.


“ACU rhythms was like stepping into a vessel and once the door closed, it felt like all time and space suspended. Through sound, smell, touch and acupuncture, I could sense the release of energy and alignment happen in each individual way. Cheryl and Najah are the real thing. There was a deep trust and care in the room. They are two souls full of love and together they create a very special and sacred space for healing and alignment.” ~Jamie Shadowlight


“AcuRhythms is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the otherworldly pairing of acupuncture and sound healing. I’ve attended several sessions, and when they’re over, I don’t so much as stand up and walk out as I drift up and float away, in a sustained state of bliss and relaxation. I can’t think of a more perfect way to end the day and prepare for a peaceful, restful night’s sleep.
It’s like this – you’ve undoubtedly had the pleasure of eating a really delicious piece of toast with peanut butter. And you’ve also probably eaten a scrumptious piece of toast with butter (vegan, sans palm oil). And then someone shows you the way – illuminates a path that could possibly change the direction of your course in life, and that path is lined with pieces of toast layered with butter and peanut butter – on the same piece of toast! A match made in heaven, really. This is AcuRhythms.” ~
Jennifer S.


“Acurhythms has opened up a portal to endless amounts of inner peace, healing and self discovery for me. I have had the privilege of attending almost every AcuRhythms session that Cheryl and Najah have held in Southern California, it has become a staple in my self-care regime! New to acupuncture, sound healing or both – I’d encourage everyone to give yourself the gift of an AcuRhythms session!” ~Kyle M.


“An evening of AcuRhythms can help calm the waters during life’s biggest storms.” ~Ryan H.


“My body melted on this extraordinary journey of beautiful sounds powerfully combined with the healing techniques of acupuncture. I’ve never experienced anything like it – it’s a total mind, body, and soul reset. Cheryl and Najah guide you on this brilliant journey with love, gentleness and wisdom. I emerged feeling balanced, rejuvenated and clear. AcuRhythms has now become a vital part of my self love practice and I recommend it to all my loved ones.” ~Krissy S.